About Moravia

The City of Moravia was founded in 1851 and was one of the earliest towns established in Appanoose County. Moravia has made many changes since that time, but still looks to the founding principles of faith, education, culture, and music as being the foundation of its strong community.

Population (2010 census) : 655

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Moravia is named for the religious faith. Moravian families left Salem, North Carolina in 1849 to start a colony in the west. Money was sent to purchase forty acres of land for a town site by several benevolent Moravian sisters. It was their wish that town lots be sold and the money be used to build a Moravian Church.The families made the long journey to Iowa and acquired many acres of land.[4]

The town site of Moravia was laid out on June 27, 1850 and was recorded July 15, 1851. The surveying was done using a pocket compass and tapeline for measuring instruments.The old ridge road from Unionville, Iowa to Moravia and west to Iconium, Iowa was the Mormon Trail of 1846 from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake, Utah.[4]

Moravia observed its sesquicentennial anniversary (150th birthday) July 4, 2001. The sesquicentennial anniversary was celebrated with a giant birthday party with events scheduled all day. A Moravian Church was built and dedicated in 1851. The early Moravian Families honored the customs of the Moravian Church, which was founded in the country of Moravia in 1597.

Several of these customs are remembered and celebrated today in Moravia’s annual events and festivals. Since the town was founded, it has experienced a rich tradition in the customs of the town’s Moravian founders. The Moravia Tour of Homes is an example of a custom founded in the country of Moravia.

Christmas time was a time for Moravians to visit their neighbors and view their colorful Christmas decorations. This custom is remembered and practiced at Christmas time each year by The Moravia Tour of Homes. Another Moravian custom relived each year at Christmas time in Moravia is the Lovefest. The love fest is a traditional religious service with music provided, usually by local talent. Moravian refreshments are served in the tradition of the early Moravians.