Per Chapter 52 of the Moravia Code of Ordinances, any property within the City of Moravia, including ditches, whether vacated or non-vacated, is required to be mowed by the 15th day of the month in May, June, July, August, September, and October of each year.  Any property, including ditches, which is not mowed by these dates may be mowed by the City, and a charge of $75 per hour for such mowing plus a surcharge of $100 will be charged to the property owner.  Grass, weeds, or brush shall be cut, mowed, and maintained so as not to exceed six inches.  Any property owners who fail to mow their properties, including ditches, thus allowing the same to be mowed by the City, and who do not provide payment for the mowing as required, will be assessed by the City for such costs, which will be collected in the same manner as general property taxes.  Publication of this serves as notice to property owners and the City will be authorized to respond to violations without additional written notice being given.

Water Service Excise Tax (WET)

The Iowa Department of Revenue passed SF512 during the recent legislative session, a Water Service Excise Tax, effective July 1, 2018.

Before the enactment of this law, the sale of water was subject to the 6% state sales tax as well as any applicable local option sales tax (LOST), which is 1% in Moravia.  The new law will exempt the sale of water service from state sales tax, but impose a 6% special excise tax instead.  This is not an additional tax or an increase in taxes — the excise tax just takes the place of sales tax and is at the same 6% rate.  In fact, Moravia water customers will see a 1% decrease in their bills because of the elimination of the local option sales tax (LOST) charged on water services.

If you have any questions on this change, please contact Moravia City Hall at (641) 724-9811.


The American Legion recently donated a POW/MIA flag to fly at the Moravia city park.  City employees, Jason Snow & Ellis Paxston, hung the flag as veterans salute and honor those missing in action.


Alliant Energy is replacing gas meters in our community and has contracted a company called “Q3” to complete the installation of these meters.  You may see vehicles and personnel in the area, so this is a notice to keep you informed.

If you have questions, contact Alliant Energy directly.


Water bills are due on the 25th of each month.  Customers have until 10 AM on the 10th of the following month to pay their bill.  If the bill is not paid at that time, water will be disconnected.  No exceptions and no extensions by order of the Moravia City Council.  If disconnected, a $100 reconnect fee plus the delinquent amount must be paid before service will be reconnected.  Reminder telephone calls will no longer be made to delinquent customers.